Wunderduct Floor Cable Protectors

New to CableSafe is the range of Wunderduct continuous floor cable covers.

These really clever products are perfect for covering cables in home and office environments. There are 3 sizes, and all 3 types come in a 9m roll as standard. you can cut the protector to exact  length every time, avoiding joins.

 Each model is supplied as a 9m continuous roll, allowing any length to be created

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CS-WD-1: 64mm (W) x 11mm (H) x 9m (L)  Channel Size :16mm (W) x 6.4mm (H)

CS-WD-2:76mm (W) x 16mm (H) x 9m (L)  Channel Size: 19mm (W) x 9.5mm (H)

CS-WD-3:76mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 9m(L)  Channel Size:  38mm (W) x 16mm (H)

 All products can be easily cut to exact size with a blade