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IMG 3665 web The new range of ProtectaCable™ Hook & Loop Cable Protectors from CableSafe is designed for ease of use and removal, completely covering leads in offices and other carpeted environments. It is cost effective, safe, and re-usable.

Available in 1m,2m and now 5m and 10m lengths and able to be extended through the addition of extra pieces, these Hook & Loop cable covers are modern, lightweight and all-round winners!

Unlike other Hook & Loop products on the market, Protectable™ uses material on the COMPLETE UNDERSIDE of its 100mm wide construction. The idea behind this is that whatever surface area not covered by cable will be gripping the carpet beneath, offering superior grip and minimising risk of lifting and tripping.

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Other products offered by competitors are more expensive, and also use only a 20mm Hook & Loop strip down each side of the unit. This provides inferior grip and is much more likely to lift up and trip someone.

When you buy your Hook & Loop cable covers online from CableSafe you enjoy many advantages, including:IMG 3668 web

Run out your cables, cover them with Protectacable™ for the show, pull them up and leave no marks behind! To enjoy quality products and reliable shipping, order online today.




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