Light Duty Cable Covers for Carpet

Use drop over cable protectors to manage and protect your home or office cords

These CS-04i low profile modular rubber cable Floor cable coversprotectors are perfect for covering cable in office and warehouse environments. Sold in 1m modular pieces they can be connected together forming any length required. They are also able to be cut with a sharp blade to allow custom lengths to be created

1m (L) x 136mm (W) x 18mm (H)

Channel 38mm (W) x 13mm (H)

This unit will comfortably cover 4 power cables or similar

Drop over cable protectorts

Select from an excellent range of dropover cable covers and protectors

With the increasing amount of technology used in homes and offices across Australia, it’s natural that cables and cords can be more difficult to manage. CableSafe manufactures and imports quality cable covers for carpets, so that you can effectively manage and organise the various cords and leads around your property.

Our light duty cable protectors are designed to minimise hazards and create a neater, tidier look to your floor. With a huge range of drop over cable covers to choose from, CableSafe are confident you’ll find something to suit your needs:

Whether you require dropover cable protectors for your carpet floors or other, turn to CableSafe for a quality range of heavy duty cable trays, light duty floor cable covers and more. Browse our online store now!

Dropover cable covers


Browse through our incredible range of floor cable protectors today, or, for more information, call one of our friendly team members today!  Phone 1300 885 660.

Download the CableSafe CS-04i PDF Data Sheet Here


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