Collapsible Cable Protector Range

Collapsible Cable Protector Range

New Collapsible Cable Protectors & Cable Covers from CableSafe

New Collapsible Cable Cover Range from CableSafe


Portable Cable Protection in a Carry Bag!CS-CPC-1_web

2 Sizes available

Depolys in seconds. Pack up in seconds

Mounting holes for securing to loose surfaces ie gravel roads if required


3100mm (L) x 350mm(W) x 50mm (H)

4 x channel each 50mm x 20mm

Weight Loading: 3500KG/Tyre

Weight: 19KG

Supplied with Carry Bag


3100mm(W) x 380mm(W) x 40mm(H)CS-PC-1_2_web

4 x channels each 40mm x 10mm

Weight: 18KG

Weight Loading: 3500KG/tyre

Supplied with Carry Bag