Large 3 Channel Heavy Duty Cable Guard Range


Our new large 3 channel cable guards are here! This niche product is low profile, extremely tough and ideal for any application where cables or hoses need to cross pedestrian and /or vehicle traffic. View our 3 versions below to find the model appropriate for your application or explore other options at Cablesafe.


CS-01i  CS-01iPUL   CS-01iPU

CS-01iPUL CS-01iPU
Dimensions (mm) 900(L) x 500(W)x 75(H) 900(L) x 500(W)x 75(H) 900(L) x 500(W)x 75(H)
Channel Size 3 x 60mm(W) x 65mm(H)
3 x 60mm(W) x 65mm(H) 3 x 60mm(W) x 65mm(H)
Weight (KG) 18.5 11 13
Base Material Rubber Thermoplastic Polyurethane Polyurethane
Flap Material PVC PVC PVC
Locking Flap No  Yes  No
 Weight Loading* (KG) 6,100 6,000 7,000
Laboratory Fail Load* (KG) 8,300 8,300 11,000
 Warranty  1 Year  2 Years  2 Years
Colour Black/Yellow Black/Yellow

Orange/Yellow or Black/ Yellow

                            * NATA Laboratory Tested Load per TYRE for 5 Minutes

  • ·         Male/Female interconnect system allows any length to be formed quickly and easily

    ·         Patented 5 bar tread surface provides maximum traction.

    ·         Inbuilt carry handle makes it easier to carry one unit in each hand.

    ·         Uses hinged lid to make adding/changing cable/hose very quick and easy

    ·         Very low profile design decreases trip risk significantly compared to other higher profile products and more

The main points of difference between this and other products on the market is the ability to get more cables or  hoses into the channels due to their  size and the overall cost benefit. It is also worth noting that many "similar" products on the Australian market quote weight per piece at 20KG...this is incorrect as the weight is actually 24KG OR MORE per piece. Our 3 channel ramp genuinely weighs 18.5 KG per piece and due to this weight it is Workcover approved for installation by one person. Items over 20KG that require bending over to install need two people. This is worth noting when considering the total cost of ownership. The width of our product is a true 500mm - other products quote 590mm to make it seem narrower but the true width is 600mm, almost 2 feet wide!